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Robin’s story: a low-fat diet helps gallbladder pain

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Robin’s story: a low-fat diet helps gallbladder pain

When store owner Robin Wiseman was recently diagnosed with gallstones, her doctor recommended surgery. But she knew she didn’t want to rush into surgery to have her gallbladder removed.

“I decided to try dietary changes first,” Robin said.

She turned to author Anthony William, also known as the “Medical Medium.” He has written a number of books, including, “Liver Rescue.” In the book, William recommends a low-fat diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, very little red meat, and no gluten, dairy, eggs, or white sugar.

Robin has stuck closely with the plan because gallbladder pain hurts. She’s been pain-free now for three months.

Her dietary changes were not that difficult, but she did miss sugar at first. But she found a great, healthy sweet treat.

“If I get an urge for a sweet, I can have a date,” she said. “And I don’t have to give up sweets: I can have honey and maple syrup and the liver knows what to do with them.”

These days, Robin likes vegetables for breakfast. She’ll often have half a sweet potato topped with naturally sweetened apple butter. She eats plenty of white potatoes, too.

“I know people tend to stay away from them,” she said, “but potatoes are awesome for you.”

She’s also a big fan of the chickpea flour quiche we highlighted in a previous blog post. It’s rich and filling without added fat, and it’s full of veggies. It keeps well and freezes well, too.

She avoids “bad” fats and oils, like soybean and canola and over-processed fried foods, but uses small amounts of olive and avocado oil and tahini, made from ground sesame seeds.  She also enjoys in moderation sunflower seed butter and her own homemade almond butter. Here’s a recipe for really delicious homemade almond butter:

Robin enjoys mixing up different veggie combinations with rice and makes a tahini dressing for a sauce or salad dressing.  Tahini has a consistency that resembles thin peanut butter.

Here’s a tasty tahini sauce recipe:

Her dietary changes weren’t too hard on her significant other, Tim. He’s a meat eater, and a great cook himself, so it’s not difficult for him to eat with Robin with some meat on the side. She incorporates a little wild-caught fish, along with organic turkey or chicken sometimes, too.

And for gluten-free and dairy-free baking, Robin uses oat flour and non-dairy milk, like oat or almond milk. Here’s a muffin recipe she likes a lot:

We have lots of gluten-free flour options and non-dairy milks at Little Leaf.

Robin doesn’t take her health—or her access to fresh, healthy ingredients—for granted.

“I’m very blessed I have a health food store and can get whatever veggies I need,” she says.

All the ingredients and veggies you need to incorporate some healthy changes in your diet are available at Little Leaf.

And we love to talk to you about eating more healthfully!

BIG NOTICE: Little Leaf Natural Products is not suggesting you skip lifesaving surgery! Our blog posts and in-store assistance are in no way intended to replace the advice of a health care professional.