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The calculation of cumulative GPA (cGPA) will include all subjects with grade point. Points for CCA performed outside TP will be awarded when: All HSS students are members of the HSS Studies Club (HSSSC). Besides conducting lessons at Wat Kandall Primary School, our students also continued with the renovations of the classrooms. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who plagiarise. TP’s attendance policy requires students to fulfill at least 85% attendance. If you are in doubt, please feel free to consult your lecturers for clarification. The evaluation of all research proposals is guided by four principles of HSS research policy: (source: APA Ethical Standards Covering Treatment of Human Participants), ADEQUACY OF THE INFORMED CONSENT TO RESEARCH. Open The time you spend at Temasek Polytechnic can be exciting, rewarding and unforgettable! medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner, compassionate leave (for immediate family) and official leave (e.g. In September 2019, a group of 34 students and 3 HSS staff once again journeyed to Cambodia to partake in yet another Project Smile OCP (Overseas Community Project) in Cambodia. To be eligible to take a Level 2 subject in his/her diploma of study, a student must have completed at least 15 cu of Level 1 subjects. ASSISTANT MEDIA & DESIGN SECRETARY, ANG HONG YAO DAVE You may use … For an active and balanced student life, we encourage meaningful participation in co-curricular activities. Special Discounts. The required number of credit units can be found in the course structure. Thus concludes another successful OCP trip. Training or development that students have undergone to improve a skill or an area of interest for self-improvement on a non-compulsory basis. ASST. Please register for a free account in our Internship Management System (IMS) to post placements and gain access to our talent tool. They contribute towards personal enrichment and pride in the institution. Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel course with low enrolment. It was indeed another successful run of the OCP! You are expected to attend all your classes and lectures. At the end of three years of CCA involvement, the points will culminate into a final year grade. Research project falls within one of the four exempted categories. Copyright laws grant the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, perform and display the work publicly. Applicant will be able to apply for admission to a polytechnic through the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) using their GCE O Level examination results. GPA = sum (credit units assigned to subject x subject grade point) Having wrapped up the work with Chi Kraeng High School in 2017, HSS OCP Troopers continued their good work in helping the school community in Kampong Kdei, this time with Wat Kandall Primary school. Email:, Vice-Chair – Mr Fairoz Ahmad Special rates for booking of sports facilities . Ltd. 54 Kian Teck Road, Singapore 628790 +65 6266 0115 Polytechnic Diploma applicants with the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) qualification are welcome to apply if they have excellent N-level (Academic) grades with grade 1 in N-Level English Language. end question types like single line text and multi line text are not If you turn up for a tutorial session beyond the stated start time, your attendance will be recorded as ‘L’ (Late) in the Student Attendance System. Students must satisfy a minimum of 85% attendance. A student who repeated a subject (having failed it before) would have his/her new grade replaced his/her old failed grade (zero grade point). survey administrator usually expects to get a grade based on peer Lecturer / Diploma in Psychology Studies, For general contact information / enquiries: with different weightage for different choices. Lecturer/ Psychology Studies (PSY). WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THE HSS ETHICS COMMITTEE (EC)? Copy more than 10% of the total number of pages or more than one chapter unless new copies are unavailable within a reasonable time at an ordinary price; Copy more than one article from a given periodical, unless they relate to the same subject matter. ... staff grade system is a trap. By Order does NOT mean only two accounts are affected in every transaction. Students who have rendered organized and voluntary help to an organisation or community with the aim of building a supportive and caring environment.                           sum (credit units assigned to subject), GPA = Total credit points / Total credit units. Hands-on experience in Microsoft .NET technologies (such as C#, ASP.NET MVC 5), HTML5, JQuery, JavasScript, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server/Oracle database management system are essential Hands-on experience in mobile development using Swift for iOS platform and/or Java for Android are essential Our students being taught how to mix cement. : 542159 Work type: Full-time, Permanent/Contract Location: Si NYAA, NAPFA, National Entrepreneurs, National Skills Competition, etc. To promote a spirit of charity among members of the Association. You must complete (pass) a specified number of credit units before taking Level 2 subjects and Level 3 subjects. The Troopers cannot wait to return to Cambodia to interact and help the children and villagers of Kampong Kdei again in March 2019! Tel: 67806794 Lecturer / IIT BDA Data Science Job Temasek Polytechnic Singapore December 2020 A good understanding of business intelligence tools and data science techniques like machine learning and text mining with competency in open-source scripting lan.. There are five types of academic standing, which will be reflected in the students’ results notification slips. 1 Learning Objective To explain the roles of the key players in the air traffic management system 2 The as when necessary. At all times, the researcher has to avoid risking anyone with whom he/she works with. Please avoid using radio button jump, dropdown list question type and optional questions in peer appraisals because they affect the final grading. The donation drive was the other main highlight of the OCP. Lecturer/Early Childhood Development & Education (ECDE), Ms Gabrielle Lai This version of TP Student mobile app supports: - Class Timetable - Examination Results - Term Test Timetable - Exam Timetable - Special Consideration - Attendance and Leave - Subject Non-grading Notice - Academic… The brief that the researcher provides the participant orally, in writing or both is known as the informed consent. His/her new grade point would be used in the calculation of his/her semester GPA and cumulative GPA. The Ethics Committee’s (EC) main task is to review all proposed research of HSS staff and students, including their research collaborations with any external parties, to protect the welfare and rights of research participants/subjects (both human beings and animals). The completion of necessary renovations at the school heralded the heart-breaking end of 2 years’ collaborative work with Wat Kandall Primary School (since Mar 2018). In this website you can find information to help you make the most of your student life and familiarise yourself with the HSS environment. questions (option, radio button and tabular radio button question type) Academic Progression & Grading System: STUDENT CLASSIFICATION Students are classified by any of the three levels of study they are in: Freshman - All registered students … Ann is the Early Childhood Coordinator for Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development in Illinois. Distribution of food donations to needy families. HSSSC intends to continue a sustained relationship with Cambodia to create a long-term impact with 1 to 2 trips yearly. In total, our students distributed 871 bags of food items to 871 families, and clothing items to over 1500 villagers! The project, designated Project Smile, is a Youth Expedition Project (YEP) partly funded by Youth Corps Singapore to be a Service-Learning Programme, to give students exposure to Cambodian culture while serving the community there. Note that ‘L’ carries the same effect as an ‘A’ (Absence), i.e. The Polytechnic requires all students to be assessed for their own work only. The GPA … Some of the activities and programmes organised by the HSSSC ExCo include the following: Like our Facebook page:, View our YouTube channel:, RAIFANA HUMAIRAH BINTE HASIM Please submit the completed forms to: Peer appraisal is often used by lecturers to assess tutorial group member's performance. ASSISTANT WELFARE SECRETARY, NADYA NOOR AZLAN Punctuality is expected of all students. Internships for Employers in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Application for leave of absence (e.g. Students who have two consecutive semesters of cumulative GPA (cGPA) below 1.0. Besides working hard contributing to the local community, the Troopers also reflected and shared on their daily activities, identifying the important learning points for each day and how to improve their skills and services for the community. Research project does not involve external industry partners and does not exceed 50% of subject assessment components (i.e., for student projects). CRITERIA FOR REMOVAL In fact, TP is abuzz with exciting CCAs ranging from the sports and arts to leadership training and community involvement. Temasek Polytechnic respects the ownership of intellectual material governed by copyright laws. To be eligible for SIP and Major Project, students must have obtained at least 60 cu. representing TP in games, official events, debates, etc.) Did not pass a TPFun subject (excluding Global Studies 2 subjects), a diploma core or required diploma option subject in two attempts. TCB Sports Pte. You can find out more information about the courses, fees, and course schedules on Temasek Polytechnic's website. Similarly, the researcher cannot disclose any confidential information that may lead to the identification of the research participant or any organizational subject. Participants’ data are anonymous and effectively de-identified. Anonymous tests, surveys, interviews, or public observations, Secondary research on existing or public datasets, The research methods, activities and procedures that the participants will be involved in, Any potential risks or discomfort that may result from the research, Who to contact to find out more about the research or its procedures, The right to terminate from participation during the research without penalty or prejudice, summarize the nature, results and conclusions of the research, reduce and minimize the risk of harm by providing useful resources where the research participants can seek further advice or help, who is authorized to view and use the data. Select Date, Resource and Timeslot(s), then click on Proceed to Book.. Double-check your booking details and click Confirm Booking to proceed. Benefits The many benfits to join us. every transaction will affect at least two accounts in the accounting equation. The research procedures pose less than minimal risk to participants. The maximum workload that you are allowed to take in each semester is typically 28 Credit Units (CUs) and the minimum workload is 15 CUs. With TP Student mobile app, students may now access information more conveniently. By continuing, you are agreeing to the use of cookies on your device as described in our privacy statement. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. performance. must be submitted, with supporting documents, at least one week before the date of absence. Painting the walls with a fresh coat of white paint. Lecturer / Diploma in Psychology Studies, Dr Gabrielle Lai b) Proceed to next semester (Academic Warning). If your research meets the necessary criteria, please submit the completed form to: Our students and the local students learning dances from each other. Temasek Polytechnic offers a wide range of diploma courses across six schools, each aiming to provide you with the best learning experience! Temasek Polytechnic Established in April 1990, Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is a significant contributor to the field of para-professional education in Singapore. If students are given Academic Warning prior to their LOA, the warning prior to their leave will count towards possible removal. It includes students who have voluntered as organisers, coordinators, chairpersons or sub-committee members and event officials or helpers for the polytechnic, school, department and student organisations’ events, functions, programmes or projects, etc. Read about it in. representing approved external organizations or state in National/International projects, performances, events and/or competitions. It is ILLEGAL to violate any of the rights provided by the law to the owner of a copyright. TREASURER, NURIN ARLYNNA ANDRE PUTERI Did not fulfil the graduation requirements within the stipulated maximum time allowed to complete the course, in accordance with TP Exam Bye Laws. Approved leave of absence e.g. To promote closer links between the Association and Temasek Polytechnic. Semester GPA and Cumulative GPA will be calculated. 10% of the total number of pages in a physical edition of the work; Make not more than 10% of the total number of bytes in an electronic edition of the work; or. You are required to submit an application for Ethics Approval if your research meets one of the following criteria: If your research meets any of the conditions above, please download the Ethics Approval Form and the Project Checklist to Qualify for Exclusion from IRB Review. To be eligible to take a Level 3 subject in his/her diploma of study, a student must have completed at least 45 cu of Level 2 subjects. using radio button jump, dropdown list question type and optional Exclusive means only the creator of such work, not anybody who has access to it and decides to grab it. Make copies of not more than 1 chapter of the work (even if 1 chapter is more than 10% of the number of pages or bytes). Our students also re-painted the whole school. Academic integrity is expected of all students at Temasek Polytechnic. Click here for more details. Here is a list of Do’s & Don’ts: Make reasonable copies of a work(s) i.e. Be actively involved in all aspects of student life! name, matriculation card number, address, and contact number of your guardian or next-of-kin of in case of emergency to your lecturer or tutor. It does so by ensuring that HSS researchers and their partners in research are committed to adopt and adhere to appropriate standards of professional behaviour when dealing with their research participants/subjects. The HSS students continued their good work in helping the Kampong Kdei school community at Wat Kandall Primary School, teaching the local children simple English, mathematics, hygiene practices, and about the environment. 79 Temasek Polytechnic reviews. STUDENT CLASSIFICATION This version supports: - Class Timetable - Examination Results - Term Test Timetable - Exam Timetable - Special Consideration - Attendance and Leave - Subject Non-grading Notice - Academic Progression - One Service With One Service, it will facilitate students when making feedback and enquiry. HON. The various activities and programmes organised will help our students to achieve the following mission: The HSSSC is led by fellow HSS students who are elected annually as members of the HSSSC Executive Committee (HSSSC ExCo). During his two years in TP, he has gained new knowledge and technical skills which helped him further honed his hands-on skills. All non-TP CCA related involvements will be recorded under CCA SEAL system provided there are verification mechanisms and the activities must not be religious or political in nature. The GPA is a numerical value that indicates your academic achievement in the course. The Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA) at Temasek Polytechnic is commited to SkillsFuture inititives and the professional development of adult learners.It offers different type ofprogrammes to facilitate adult learners acquiring valuable knowledge and develop relevant skills … Glad to have another skill-set under my belts - 3 years experience in a wide campus, maintain and support a campus that is 3 bus-stop away in distance having 120 equipment rooms … Subjects without grade point will not be included in the calculation of GPA. For research projects that qualifies for IRB exemption, it may be exempted from EC ethics review if the following criteria are met: Please download and refer to the HSS EC Exemption Review Checklist & Form for further details and determine if your project can qualify for exemption review. Freshman - All registered students who have completed (passed) less than 40 Credit Units, Junior - All registered students who have completed (passed) 40 Credit Units but less than 80 Credit Units, Senior - All registered students who have completed (passed) 80 Credit Units or more. The Student Development & Alumni Affairs (SDAA) department provides students with a well-rounded educational experience through a variety of engaging CCAs. Note that disciplinary action will be taken for students caught for plagiarism. With such a wide array of CCAs, life as a TP student is as exciting and rewarding as you make it to be. Conducting an English class. participation in a school-based performance, official events or competition etc.) What you CAN do: What you must NEVER do: For normal survey, you ask questions, people answer them. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Temasek Polytechnic, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. Produced as a celebration of Singapore's renowned culinary heritage, Singapore Hawker Classics Unveiled, tells you everything you ever needed to know―and more!―about 25 of our favourite dishes. Lecturer / Centre for Foundation Studies, Ms Asha Kumaran Application Results Applicants may check their application outcome online from 7 September 2020, 2 pm to 10 September 2020, 23:59 pm through Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) portal . Sports Facilities. Begin your journey with these videos by our HSS graduates! Students who failed an elective subject or a Global Studies 2 subject. You must inform the subject tutors concerned, Care Person and/or Course Manager before applying. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. Participation and contribution towards CCA earns you SEAL points. Because Temasek SkillsFuture Academy Temasek Polytechnic East Wing Block 1A, Level 3, Unit 81 21 Tampines Ave 1 Singapore 529757. The above rules on Academic Warning will also apply to students on Leave of Absence (LOA) for one semester or longer. Situated in the east of the island, the campus sits on a 30-hectare plot of land fronting the scenic Bedok Reservoir. appraisal feedback, the questions asked are normally single choice Email: Fairoz_Ahmad_MOHAMED, Dr Tan Wah Pheow RECOMMENDED PROGRESSION PATH AND WORKLOAD, In general, HSS diplomas have recommended progression paths designed for you to complete your course in three years (6 semesters). You may use them in peer appraisal Generally, the researcher will provide a brief description of: The researcher is obliged to assess and anticipate any risks or discomforts that the research participant may experience from the research/experiment and brief the participant accordingly. Open end question types like single line text and multi line text are not included in the grade calculation. Where risk is predictable and unavoidable, the researcher has to take steps to minimize it. Temasek Polytechnic Block 13, Level 13, Unit 81, (Near Lift Lobby E) 21 Tampines Ave 1 Singapore 529757. Sony BMG took a controversial step towards protecting the intellectual property rights of its music and video CDs. In the Singapore Polytechnic, the 4-point scale grading system as shown in the table above will be used. Manager/ Student Development (SD), Ms Ann Tay The proposed OCP to Cambodia provides a field trip to a developing country where principles, theories and concepts in the different disciplines can be tested and applied. Lecturer / Centre for Applied Behavioural and Social Sciences, Ms Rina Lim Students who have met the stipulated course graduation requirements. Lecturer / Centre for Applied Behavioural and Social Sciences the overlapping is wide. Head / Centre for Applied Behavioural and Social Sciences, Mr Izad Bin Ghalid This 12-day OCP was also a Youth Expedition Project (YEP) – a Service-Learning Programme (SLP) by Youth Corps Singapore, which also partly funded this project. Both MCs and LOAs are to be submitted via the Student Portal (click on TP Online Student Services/TPOSS after logging in): Student offences are categorised into 3 categories: Category 1 offences are serious offences. Another highlight of Project Smile was the donation drives. afterward, you would find you have problem with promotion although your performance is good. I was a TSO – Enterprise Network (Project) at Temasek Polytechnic (TP) from year 2013 - 2016.

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